About the Climate Change Guide

Hello, my name is Laurent Cousineau, and I am the founder of the Climate Change Guide. I began the website in August 2011 with the dream of inspiring people to take action and spread awareness.

For several years now, I have been passionate about climate change, and my website is my way of trying to build a better future.

Also, in summer 2013 I was trained by Al Gore in Chicago, and I am officially a Climate Leader at the Climate Reality Project.

Climate change is the most crucial issue of our time and one in which we cannot ignore for there are millions of lives at stake.

The information below is on this particular website, but there is the Laurent Cousineau page which describes me specifically.

Positive Feedback

I have received many positive messages from:

  • environmentalists
  • climate change educators
  • students
  • teachers
  • photographers who have been to Antarctica
  • and even scientists.

In fact, I've been contacted by people from many countries around the world and have received much support.

Wind Turbines

Unfortunately, the Facebook Page of Climate Change Guide has been a target of sophisticated hacking many times between 2018 and 2021. Learn more here.

Why The Climate Change Guide?

The Climate Change Guide will have a primary focus on climate change and other environmental issues.

Climate change is not a trivial issue. On the contrary, climate change will severely impact humanity. Besides, it will devastate the lives of millions on a yearly basis.

We need to act together and we need to act now.

People's lives are at stake and humanity's mere ability to survive is at stake.

The reality is that the planet will not be affected. In effect, the Earth has a great way of regulating itself over time even though it may take millions of years.

However, every species on this planet will be strongly affected, and over one million could go extinct by 2100.

Why Need a Guide?

There is a huge amount of information about climate change on the Internet, and unfortunately, there is a lot of climate change denial. The goal of this website is to provide accurate information to as many people as possible. Accurate information on climate change can act as an inoculation against disinformation from the fossil fuel industry.

Some websites may contain information that is too complicated and hard to understand, while others contain very little information. I created this website to make pertinent, succinct, and easy-to-digest information available. I have included a lot of images on the site to enhance the viewing experience and make it less dry.

There is still a lot of work to be done to improve this website. It has been a passion project of mine, and I plan on continuously improving it over time. The Climate Change Guide has come a long way since its founding in the summer of 2011. We have reached thousands of people from around the world, and our Facebook Page, once quite influential, reached millions of people between 2014 and 2015.

I recently launched a YouTube channel, and my first video was about my visit to Montreal City Hall, where I asked a question about climate change. In 2019, a record 500,000 people marched in Montreal to demand climate action. My question to City Hall on June 12, 2023, was about how the city of Montreal plans to honor the demands of all those protestors from four years prior. My follow-up question was essentially asking if Montreal will collaborate with other cities to combat climate change and if they are considering the implementation of high-speed train connections between cities.

An environmentalist from Climate Reality encouraged me to ask this question at city hall. He said that if citizens consistently put pressure on their politicians to take more action (or at least continue their efforts so far) it will make a noticeable difference. You can put pressure on politicians by starting protests, asking questions at city hall, speaking to your representatives, volunteering for a politician that takes the issue of climate change seriously, or running as a candidate yourself.

Help Humanity Move Forward

A website dedicated to climate change plays a crucial role in informing, educating, and mobilizing humanity. By providing accurate information, dispelling misinformation, and promoting global collaboration, such a website becomes an invaluable tool in our collective efforts to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. It empowers individuals, shapes public discourse, and inspires action, ultimately paving the way toward a sustainable and resilient future for all.

Given the seriousness of climate change, we cannot afford to ignore this issue. We need to work together. All nations and all cities should unite in this fight. I think fighting climate change is the moral thing to do. No matter what your religious views are, whether you are religious or non-religious, it should be agreed that the right thing to do is preserve our biosphere for humanity and the millions of species that share our planet with us. I would even add that the climate crisis should not be considered a political issue; both liberals and conservatives should join forces to tackle the issue of climate change.

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