Laurent Cousineau: Founder of the Climate Change Guide

I am Laurent Cousineau, the founder of this website, Climate Change Guide. I created the Climate Change Guide on August 20, 2011. It has come a long way but there is still quite a great journey ahead.

As a climate activist, this website was my way to spread awareness to as many people as possible as efficiently as possible.

In my opinion, not only is climate change a fascinating topic, but there is a tremendous amount of information on it around the internet. My goal with the Climate Change Guide is to put a great amount of useful information in one website that is easy to read and not overly complex or overly simplified.

I'm thrilled to share that the Climate Change Guide is growing by leaps and bounds! My vision for the website is expanding, and I'm excited to see it gaining more traction every day. In fact, it recently hit a major milestone with over 750 visitors in just one day. But I'm not stopping there - I have even bigger plans in store!

I think that climate change should be talked about a lot more often as it will affect not only millions of people, but in the long run, it will affect billions. However, fortunately, there are many ways in which we can help mitigate climate change.

It is estimated that air pollution kills 9 million people a year. Taking action on climate change will save more than 9 million people a year since climate change has many effects. I think that climate change is a human rights issue and we should do our best to spread awareness. In addition to spreading awareness, we must pressure both governments and companies to take the climate crisis seriously. Humanity and over a million species are at risk.

Laurent Cousineau June 2023Laurent Cousineau in 2023

Media Appearances by Laurent Cousineau

On June 12, 2023, I went to the Montreal City Council to ask a question about how they are dealing with the climate crisis. The video is below. I plan on organizing more events like this to encourage governments to take climate action. I believe it's important to get involved in politics and fight for what you believe in. For the issue of climate change, it is crucial that people get involved. We cannot afford to simply sit back and hope for the best; we need to take action. We should exert pressure on governments and companies to take the climate crisis seriously. Additionally, we need to effectively raise awareness to inspire a large number of people to take climate change seriously.

In 2021, I was highlighted in the Globe and Mail, a Canadian Newspaper

In 2016, I appeared in an episode of the Hope Bearers, in their Canada episode. The show was about people taking action on climate change across the world.

From 2014 to 2016 my Facebook Page "Climate Change Guide" reached millions of people and one post about solar power got almost 400,000 shares. Facebook changed it's algorithms and my page got hacked many times so now it reaches very few people; I only post a bit on my Facebook page but my main focus is this website. I also try to reach people via my Substack page.

Laurent CousineauLaurent Cousineau in 2015

Laurent Cousineau's Environmentalism

I've made a few other websites, but the website which I worked on the most (by far) is this website, Climate Change Guide. I have been passionate about the issue of climate change since early high school, around 2005 to 2006. I started with writing speeches and essays on the topic, and then, later on, I built a website and Facebook page on the issue in 2011.

A little bit before the foundation of the Climate Change Guide, I made a few YouTube videos on it, and one video, in particular, got a lot of views, and it's called the Tar Sands of Alberta. I think this helped encourage me to do more for the environmental movement.

It has been quite a journey over the years, and I met a lot of great people. In 2013, I attended a training event in Chicago from Climate Reality by Al Gore. I did an online training from Climate Reality in 2020 as well.

Other Interests

In addition to climate change, I'm also interested in video games, computer science, politics, writing, film, and acting.

I have volunteered for political parties in the past and plan to be more active in the future.

I've been a victim of bullying many years ago, and I plan to spread awareness about it. One of the ways is by promoting my first novel, which talks about the issue in great detail (see below).

Furthermore, I've been very interested in the simulation hypothesis since October 2017, and I decided to make a small website that has useful YouTube videos and links to articles on the subject. I believe that whether or not we live in a simulation, climate change is of the utmost importance. I also think that whether God exists or not, it is our moral duty to take action on climate change. My main author site connects to my other minor projects.

I started taking classes in acting, more specifically improv in a theater in Montreal, beginning in 2016. I plan on doing more acting classes in the future.

A changing moment for me was in the summer of 2015. I went to a few different shows at Place-des-Arts, a performing arts center in Montreal, Canada. I attended an event called "An Evening with Al Pacino" and also went to an event headlined by Neil Patrick Harris. I got a photo with Al Pacino and was inspired by his story. He went from being a struggling actor in a low-income family to one of the greatest actors in the history of cinema.

I created some online classes on several different topics including:

  • climate change
  • OCD
  • effects of bullying
  • and the simulation hypothesis


I wrote a novel which is about the topics of bullying, OCD, and questioning reality. You can find out more on my author site. I worked on that novel for about two years and I'm currently working on my second novel.

My first novel, "The Angel of Death Origins: OCD, Bullying, and Questioning Reality," is heavily inspired by my own life experiences. I suffered from trauma and OCD for most of my life. My main trauma was severe bullying from students and teachers at school. In this novel, the main character goes through a lot of suffering but he keeps going despite the many challenges he faced. The main character is a person inspired by myself and he wonders if he is living in some sort of computer simulation; he is essentially questioning his reality and is trying to find meaning in all his suffering. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of simulation, I recommend watching both the first Matrix film (a masterpiece in my opinion and one of my top favourite movies) and the Truman Show. Both are great films to watch.

The novel does mention climate change at many points and there are two chapters (out of twelve) that have to do with politics. I wrote the novel to share my own story and to also spread awareness about many different issues.

In my second novel, politics is a major topic although there will be other issues such as mental health, bullying, OCD, climate change, and technology that are included in the story. It is often advised that writers write what they know well or what they care about. For my novels I do both essentially.

My first novel is available on paperback, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. If you read it, tell me what you think; I appreciate constructive criticism.

The Angel of Death Origins

My Facebook Page "Laurent Cousineau"

I hope you enjoy this site as well as the other sites or YouTube channels mentioned above. You may contact me here, or message me via my Facebook page "Laurent Cousineau," which can be seen below. Thank you for reading. However, the best way to contact me is via the contact form on this website.

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