Quizzes on Climate Change: Test Your Knowledge and Awareness

What's a great way to test your knowledge? Quizzes on climate change!

Moreover, not only will you test your knowledge but you will also learn from your mistakes, thereby increasing your understanding of climate change.

As you will learn from the following video, there are still certain people who do not know about manmade climate change.

From Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Quizzes from NASA

These questions (and their pictures) come from NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

More specifically, they can be found in NASA’s Global Climate Change page which is a fabulous resource for climate change science information as well as other climate-related multimedia data and mapping resources.

NASA Climate Change Quiz 1
Planet Earth

Our home planet is constantly changing. How much do you know about Earth?

NASA Climate Change Quiz 2
The Arctic and Antarctic

How much do you know about the Arctic and Antarctic?

NASA Climate Change Quiz 3
The Water Cycle

Earth’s water is stored in the atmosphere, ice, snow, lakes, rivers, and the oceans. Test yourself on how water is cycled around our planet as well as the important role it plays in our climate.

NASA Climate Change Quiz 4
What's Special About Earth?

Test your knowledge of how Earth is different from other planets, both within our solar system and beyond.

NASA Climate Change Quiz 5
Global Warming

How much do you know about global temperature change and its impact on the Earth's climate?

NASA Climate Change Quiz 6
Glaciers and Ice Caps

Test your knowledge of glaciers and ice caps.

NASA Climate Change Quiz 7
Sea Level Rise

How much do you know about sea level rise and its effects on the world's population?

NASA Climate Change Quiz 8

How much do you know about energy's role in both our society and in the Earth's climate system?

NASA Climate Change Quiz 9
Carbon Dioxide

Find out how much you really know about carbon dioxide and why it's so crucial to climate stability and to our quality of life.

NASA Climate Change Quiz 10
Soil Moisture

How much do you know about Earth’s soil moisture? In essence, soil moisture is the amount of water contained in the soil.

From agriculture productivity to flood and drought prediction, soil moisture on Earth plays an important role in understanding our planet. 

NASA Climate Change Quiz 11
Clouds and Aerosols

How much do you know about clouds and aerosols?

They are two of the most important, but least understood, aspects of climate change. 

NASA Climate Change Quiz 12
Extreme Weather

An extreme weather event is something that is not part of normal weather patterns.

They include floods, droughts, hurricanes and hailstorms. How much do you know about them?

NASA Climate Change Quiz 13
The Air We Breathe

How much do you know about the air we breathe?

The atmosphere is vital to all living things on Earth. 

NASA Climate Change Quiz 14

Our planet has many processes that regulate carbon, atmospheric carbon dioxide and its role in the carbon cycle and climate.

NASA Climate Change Quiz 15
The Ocean

The ocean covers over 70 percent of the Earth's surface and contains about 97 percent of the Earth's surface water.

Credit for pictures (except the global warming one): NASA Climate Change website

James Hansen

In case you didn't know, the former head of NASA, James Hansen, has been a climate change advocate since the 1980s.

"We have known since the 1800s that carbon dioxide traps heat in the atmosphere. The right amount keeps the climate conducive to human life."

James Hansen

"Recent warming coincides with rapid growth of human-made greenhouse gases. The observed rapid warming gives urgency to discussions about how to slow greenhouse gas emissions."

James Hansen

NASA flag

The Benefits of Climate Change Quizzes: Enhancing Knowledge and Awareness

Practicing with quizzes on climate change can be incredibly helpful for several reasons. Firstly, quizzes serve as an engaging and interactive way to learn about complex topics. Unlike traditional learning methods that might involve reading dense texts or watching lengthy documentaries, quizzes break down information into manageable, digestible pieces. This approach not only makes the learning process more enjoyable but also helps to reinforce knowledge retention. By repeatedly testing oneself, learners can identify gaps in their understanding and focus on areas that need improvement.

Moreover, quizzes can help to enhance critical thinking skills. Climate change is a multifaceted issue that involves various scientific, political, and social dimensions. Quizzes often require learners to apply their knowledge to different scenarios, encouraging them to think critically about the causes, impacts, and solutions related to climate change. This analytical approach fosters a deeper understanding of the subject matter, enabling individuals to better grasp the interconnectedness of climate systems and human activities.

Another significant benefit of climate change quizzes is their ability to raise awareness and promote environmental literacy. Many people might be aware of the general concept of climate change but lack detailed knowledge about its specific drivers, consequences, and mitigation strategies. Quizzes can cover a wide range of topics, from the science of greenhouse gases and global warming to the impacts on ecosystems and human societies. By regularly engaging with such quizzes, individuals can stay informed about the latest developments in climate science and policy, making them more effective advocates for environmental action.

Finally, practicing with quizzes can foster a sense of community and collective learning. Many online platforms and educational websites offer climate change quizzes that can be shared and discussed among friends, family, or colleagues. This collaborative learning experience can spark meaningful conversations and inspire collective action towards addressing climate change. Additionally, quiz results can often highlight the importance of individual and collective efforts in mitigating climate impacts, motivating participants to adopt more sustainable practices and support policies aimed at protecting the environment. In summary, climate change quizzes are a valuable tool for enhancing knowledge, critical thinking, awareness, and community engagement in the fight against climate change.

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