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We appreciate any support you can give us. The money will be used to maintain and improve the Climate Change Guide for years. This website was a personal project that I began in 2011 to spread awareness and improve society.

The largest donation I have ever received was 500 USD from a Canadian environmentalist. It helped encourage me to keep working on this passion project. I still plan on adding more to the site over time. The website currently reaches about 100-200 people a day, but I would love to reach many more people in the future.

We need a collective effort to combat climate change, and we cannot fight the good fight on our own. We need to join forces. You can also support my work by sharing it, and you may contact me for suggestions on how to improve. I am also open to collaborating with other environmentalists from around the world.

Sincerely, Laurent Cousineau
Founder of the Climate Change Guide


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